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Sequence and series ppt

Sequence and series ppt

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Define and Use Sequences and Series. p. What is a sequence? What is the difference between finite and infinite? Sequence: A function whose domain. Arithmetic Sequences and Series. Sequences. Series. List with commas. “ Indicated sum”. 3, 8, 13, 3 + 8 + 13 + Arithmetic Sequences. Convert between sigma notation and other notation for a series. Find the first 4 terms and the 9th term of the sequence whose general term is given by an = 4( 2 )n. .. I'll use C(n,r) whenever possible, as it is easier to write in PowerPoint.

Sequences and series power point. 1. Sequences andSequences andSeriesSeriesAlgebra 2 – Ironwood High SchoolAlgebra 2 – Ironwood. – Arithmetic Sequences and Series. An introduction Arithmetic Sequences. ADD. To get next term. Geometric Sequences. MULTIPLY. To get next. Geometric Sequences and Series. A sequence is geometric if the ratios of consecutive terms are the same. 2, 8, 32, , , Definition of Geometric.

Sequences and Series. Factorial Notation. If n is a positive number, n factorial is defined as. with. For example,. Sequences and Series. An infinite sequence is a. Sequence: A list of ordered numbers separated by commas. Each number in the list is called a term. For Example: Sequence Sequence 2 2,4,6,8,,4,6,8,10,.